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Platinum Bars

For all you investors out there, are you looking for a new investment? Then you might want to invest in platinum bars, the new found white metal. It's been popular since

the 1500's and still out there today.


Platinum was used by South American Indians approximately 1000 years ago. The news eventually extended to Europe about this new found white metal in and around the 15th and 16th century. In the eighteenth century, platinum was produced for several manufacturing uses, such as platinum currency, and medical supplies. Also in 1784, Platinum was utilized to create strong laboratory instruments. The colonies started using platinum to make cutlery, coat buttons, watch chains and other jewelry. By the 19th century, new educated methods improved platinum's obtainability.

Platinum is the most uncommon metal yet it weighs a lot more than the other exquisite metals available in the market today. Annually, there is approximately 133 tons of
platinum that is excavated. Ten tons of ore and a five months procedure is required to create and produce one once of a Platinum Bullion Bar.

A few hundred years or so ago platinum was neither a manufacturing metal, or a tactical metal, or even an exquisite metal for taking pleasure in making extraordinary Jewelry. In and around the 17th century the Spanish Conquistadors considered the new found white metal to be an annoyance because they felt it affected the gold mining procedures.

But then a century later in the 1800"s Platinum was located in the gold grounds of the Ural Mountains in Russia, the Russian government decided to use this unusual element and create a new economic metal by generating platinum roubles. Within an 18 year period Russians minted almost half a million ounces of platinum roubles and converted the metal from a mere simple product into a valuable and exquisite metal.

In today's time and age platinum is used extensively, even though it's a very exceedingly scarce metal. Platinum is very significantly substantial to the auto industry, the jewelry line of work, and the electrical and glass production businesses.

It has been said, that of all the platinum ever excavated all the way through our history would fit into an equally sided 25 foot room. Nowadays platinum is excavated in only  two parts of the world, Bushveld Complex North of Pretoria, South Africa and the Noril'sk -'alnakh region of Siberia in Russia, which generates and produces, about
two-thirds and one-quarter of the platinum supply each year across the world.

Platinum bars is one of the prime investing metals today, which is desired due to their extensive accessibility, immense product range, and the price is lower than platinum spot price. One of the largest platinum bars made today, is 10 ounces or
occasionally 1 Kilograms, the smallest is 1 gram.

There are a lot of private mints all over the world, but the main market consists of PAMP Suisse and Credit Suisse platinum bars. Since 1977, the PAMP trademark and
distinguishing and unique Lady Fortuna style, has been valued and respected for their declaration of value and complete substance.

The metal prices for platinum bars increased in 1975, sometime after the Arab Oil Embargo. Around that time platinum bars were introduced to Japan. In the 1970's and 1980's, with the massive price changes of metal, platinum bullion capitalizing spread
into Europe and the United States.

Around that time there were two platinum manufactures, Johnson Matthey & Co. Ltd., and
Engelhard Corporation. They initiated with starting to create and generate one and ten ounce platinum bars. Today, many of our significant government mints attain platinum bullion bars. Subsequently a platinum investor, after a 100 years, can select between legal tender platinum coins and bullion platinum bars.

Nevertheless, while the growth and expansion of platinum has advanced in the industrial world, the exchange impediments had decreased, causing the authority of our economy to be denationalized, therefore causing an increase in our economic growth. What does this do for platinum bar collectors? When the countries become comfortable richer, they use an enhancing share of their abundance on platinum.

How Bullion Bars are made:

Minted Bullion Bars – first you roll out the cast bar to form a uniform thickness. Minted Bullion Bars are cut from the cast bar, which is done with die to generate
blanks that have a detailed dimension and weight. All the surfaces are smoothed out evenly, with the markings stamped on the bar using a minted press.

Casting or Poured Bullion Bars – are formed by pouring molten valuable metal straight into a mold.  The markings are typically stamped on the bar by using a hammer or a press.

Tips for Purchasing Platinum Bars:

When capitalizing in platinum, the best reliable method in acquiring the least possible price per troy-ounce of metal is to buy platinum bullion bars. Also when purchasing platinum bars, it is imperative to be secure and at ease with your knowledge, so you get a decent and reasonable price. It is always a good idea to buy from a well-known and trustworthy dealer. Distinguished refiners will also trademark or stamp their platinum bars to confirm and warranty the heaviness and pureness of the investment.  All legitimate dealers always take on the responsibility for a physical delivery of your investment. This will help keep others for duplicating the authentic assessment papers, and keeping false platinum out of the investment pool. 

Like gold and silver, platinum bullion bars are thought of as a hard asset, in fact many economic mentors advocate a weight of 9.5% for your asset portfolio. Acquiring valuable metals such as platinum bars can help reinforce and stabilize one's prosperity and resources. As with all valuable metals, platinum is guarded against market misgivings. Platinum bullion bars are accessible and easy to acquire, also to deal in and supply, and are exchanged internationally.

Platinum bullion bars are well-known because they have low dividends over their "liquefy" value. And the difference amongst the buy and selling price is minimal causing Platinum bullion bars easy to trade.

There are many platinum bars created over the years such as, PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar, Credit Suisse Platinum Bar, Scotia Mocatta Platinum Bar, Engelhard Platinum Bar, Johnson Matthey Platinum Bar, Valcambi Platinum Bar.

Several reasons why it's good to invest in and own platinum bullion bars:
  • The quality over content for the PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar 1 ounce, is little and so eye catching to investors contemplating on a bullion product which wavers daily with the global price of platinum.
  • Because the PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar 1 ounces is created by a prominent refiner its, substance and pureness is recognized worldwide. This permits traders to announce daily purchases and market prices which guarantees liquidity.
  • Because the PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar 1 oz is pure it allures to a universal audience.
  • The PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar 1 oz size is tiny enough to be appropriate and also presents choices when purchasing or marketing a larger platinum bullion position.
  • Platinum bullion assets today is rising because unlike gold there are no Central Bank Funds of platinum and yet it has many manufacturing uses in the present world.
It also is one of the most exquisite Australian Platinum bars, that was created as a 1 ounce up to 10 ounces  PAMP Suisse, with .9995 pure platinum.

Credit Suisse Platinum Bars:

The Credit Suisse Platinum Bar has the Credit Suisse logo on one side and the bar's weight, purity, and exclusive serial number on the other side. The 1 oz. Credit Suisse
Platinum Bar is created and owned by Credit Suisse Bank, which secures that every platinum bar made is 1 full Troy ounce of .9995 fine platinum bullion.

Scotia Mocatta Platinum Bar:

The Platinum Scotia Mocatta Platinum Bar is 1 full troy ounce of .9995 pure platinum bullion. This platinum bar is to represent the Scotiabank being attained by Mocatta. Scotiabank was founded in 1892, in Nova Scotia Canada. Throughout the following past hundred years, its manufacturing of platinum bars and inspiration stretched through to the end of every single continent and all of the capitals in the world. Mocatta attained the Scotiabank in 1997, and was handling 3/4 of the world's manufacturing years before America declared its independence.

Engelhard Platinum Bars:

In the mid-70's, when prices were increasing and developing into the everyday markets, Engelhard recognized that there was a compelling cliental demand for valuable bullion metals.

On Engelhard Platinum Bullion bars the serial numbers were not placed on the bar until it was purchased, then it was placed, so the investor can keep track of his or her investment. Engelhard stopped generating assets of bullion bars in 1988, subsequently the cost of valuable metals had dropped and demand had dried up. But there are many dealers and auction sites that are still generating his Platinum Bullion Bars as well as many other metals he has created. The Platinum bars are known to be below the 400 ounces, and usually are 1 ounce to 10 ounces.

Johnson Matthey Platinum Bars:

The Johnson Matthey logo tops the obverse followed by "ASSAYERS" and "REFINERS" along with the bar's weight, purity and unique serial number. The reverse features the Johnson Matthey logo repeated diagonally throughout. Weight of the bars ranging from 1
ounce to 10 ounces with .9995 pure Platinum.

Valcambi Platinum Bar:

The Valcambi Platinum Bar with its endeavor attributes a meek yet highly developed design. With their refined artistry, these bars fairly shine with their new finish. The obverse side of these bars show the mint's logo along with stamps denoting their one troy ounce weight and .9995 platinum purity. These bars also boast an exclusive serial number so buyers can rely on their authenticity. The reverse side features an increasing square design along with the inscription "Valcambi Suisse."

Caring for your Platinum Bars:

To retain and hold the value of your platinum bars and the appearance of your platinum bars, you must appropriately care for them. Your platinum bar will also need to be firmly stored correctly, and is very vital to do so.

You must be cautious in cleaning your platinum bars, I know it can be tempting to do so. It's only natural that you would like your investment to look nice, but most of the time cleaning can cause reduction in the value of your platinum bar. But if it's really necessary to clean them use mild soap and water, then pat it dry with a soft and gently towel.

Handling Your Collection:

To maintain the profit significance and the pure refined condition of your platinum bars, it is of substantially important that you handle them reasonably and cautiously. 
  • Hold a platinum bar you will want hold it with as little skin contact as possible. This will keep the platinum bar’s surface from the natural oils that are on your skin, those oils can cause your platinum bar to become corrode and damaging.
  • Some well informed and skilled platinum bar investors wear soft cotton gloves when holding their platinum bars. It is your decision to wear gloves or not, but it is the best way to handle any collection you may have. But if you still insist on not wearing gloves than, make sure your hands are washed thoroughly before handling your platinum bars.
  • Hold your platinum bars over a soft surface when showing them or looking at them, this will protect your investment should you accidently drop it.
  • Don't talk directly over your platinum bars because tiny, almost invisible droplets of saliva can drop onto the bar and show up later as spots. These spots are very hard to get rid of almost as much as fingerprints.
  • When storing your Platinum bars, wrap them in a soft cloth so they don’t rub against one another or other surfaces, which can cause you to lose some of its value.
The exquisite metal is still rare today and many have predicted that if platinum mining ended, the supply would vanish in a year or less. Nonetheless this means Platinum Bars are a very good profitable investment to capitalize in so don't delay go to the market today.