Sovereign Gold Coins for Sale

Sovereign Gold Coins for Sale
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The Gold Sovereign was first minted by King Henry VII. This British coin has been marked in its current format since 1957 and is now used as a gold bullion coin. Older originals are vulnerable to forgery due to extremely high values in the collectors' market.

Technical data about the half and full Gold Sovereign gold coins dated 1957 or later:

Mint: Great Britain Denomination: ½ Pound Sterling/ 1 Pound Sterling Precious Metal: 916⅔ / 1000 Gold Weight: 3.994025 g and 7.98805 g Diameter: 19.30 mm and 22.05 mm Thickness: 0.99 mm and 1.52 mm Edge:Serrated

Front Motif: The front of this coin features an image of the queen and the inscription Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina FD.

Reverse Motif: The back of each coin features St.George on a rearing horse in a battle with a dragon. Each one also lists the year of issue.

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